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Trikke T7

In the beginning when Trikke started out, There were four main versions of the carving vehicle. We had the T5, T6, T7 and the timeless T8. The numbers represent the wheel size with a frame to match. A Trikke sized for everyone in the family.

They were all polished aluminum beauties. There weren’t any color choices, except for the wheels. Over the years many of these models either changed or were replaced. With all the current carving vehicles in the Trikke line-up, It seemed now was the time to fill a gap. What gap you ask? A gap that brings performance, versatility and affordability to the entry level consumer. While there are a full line of standard fold-able Trikke’s available, one model that faded into the history books, the T7, has come back to us with a whole new look.

This T7 is now features an all solid steel frame, sports seven inch poly-urethane wheels and has no folding mechanism to speak of. You can still fold it, but you will have to remove the main axle every time you do it. The T7 is available in three designs, all having white as its base color. The accent details include black, blue and red. One will suit you just fine. My favorite is black. Also a plus with the T7, is the ability to run everything for 6-8 poly wheels and air tires. Now that’s versatility.

The fact that there is no folding mechanism means that this is one solid machine. I put this carver through the test and found it to be everything I could ask for and more. Sturdy through the turns, no flex in the frame and a smooth ride all together. Carving was just plain awesome.

I brought this carver to one of our LSM rides here in Southern California and let everyone get their hands on it for a test ride. The sound off was unanimous. “I like it”, “Sweet”, “Muy bien” and “Take off baby” to name a few.

Typically most models simply add the front fork and off you go. The T7 comes packed in a smaller than the average box and requires you to assemble every appendage. Assembly requires a bit more than we are used to with Trikke but no worries, “How to Assemble the Trikke T7” video is here to help.

The Trikke T7 is a fun little cruiser even for a big guy like me at 6’3″ 220lbs. I highly recommend this carver and the fact that you can add air tires to it, makes this machine very versatile. I did make one modification to my T7, I mounted T78CS handle bars and found them to be more comfortable for someone my size. All in all, I give this Trikke carving vehicle five turns out of five. Nice job Gildo.