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The Passion of Trikke

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by Wilson Wong

What is the passion all about when it comes to your Trikke? My friends and I have been, unknowingly, discussing our passions when it comes to Trikking. And I have come to my conclusion. I have a passion for trikking because it is me! Fun, Unique, Happy, Adventurous, inquisitive, helpful, outside of the box, on the edge. . . The list just goes on and on then one of us said we were Thugs! And as he explained his thoughts (you gotta read the post), we all chimed in and agreed, we’re Thugs! And there in is where the passion starts. The Trikke amazing as it is, is drawing these qualities out of each and everyone of us trikkers.

Let’s get the facts out of the way. The Trikke is, Fun, a great way to get in shape, a great way to get around in, fun, easy to ride (with some helpful hints from trainers), economical (cheaper than a bike of the same quality, no need for a bike rack), did I mention it’s FUN!

Now it ignites within us, Like a Peacock showing off it’s feathers, We trikke, we smile, we’re showing off how awesome we are – oh, on a trikke! With each lean, each carve, each dip and groove, We smile! Why? Because this is who we are. The Trikke helps me out of my shell, makes me smile wider because I’m getting healthier and happier, helps me have fun! And with this new found joy, and we get each and every time we jump on and take that first carve, realize it’s just too much to contain. We all say hello to the ones we pass by, whether on a bike, walking or jogging by, because we’re happy! People who stare at us as we trikke by them dumbfounded by what we’re doing, we rock by them and say hello. Then if by chance they ask us  . . . anything! We stop and rip out a can of everything you want to know about this wonderful thing that makes me happy and healthy to be on while having fun, if they let us. And not more than two thoughts said comes “wanna try it?” Not because it’s healthy for you, no. Not because it’ll help you lose weight, that’s not it. Not because it easier than riding a bike. We want them to try it and discover the joy. It’s fun!!! it’s therapeutic!

One of the top notch riders I know said that 99% of the time we trikke, we trikke alone. Right now, that’s because there isn’t many of us out there. Another reason is because we want to! We’re unique! We’re out there shaking our tail feathers and having a great time. It’s our time to get away, to be out letting go of our work day, that me time and that makes it fun and happy. We’ve all pretty much started this way, alone. Trying to figure out exactly how to make this thing carve. With or without a trainer, we learned and got happier. Then saw a video on-line and learned a little bit more, carving got a little easier, and we got a little happier. And it’s this feeling of success that’s contagious.

Now multiply this by 2, by 4, by 10! You discover a Group Ride! the thing that was with us when we first tried to trikke is back! The joys of discovery! how did you do that? Hey try this! when I come across that , I do this. what do you do?

All along, no matter how well or not we were carving, still smiling! and still wanting to share the Trikke! and the joy, and smile, and the health benefits, and the fun we were all having! Because it’s in us. The trikke is amazing because of what it can do to and for your life! And it is in us trikkers because we are amazing and we want to share.

I don’t know if I explained it correctly. To do so, I think you need to get on my trikke and give it a try!