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Teach CarvingDo you own a Trikke or are thinking of a purchase, but don’t know how to ride? You may be unsure which Trikke to buy. Which one is right for me and my family?

Picture you just bought a new sports car, but its a manual transmission. You know the car is fast, smooth and looks great but you can’t drive stick. So lets get to what South Bay Trikke can do for you. Show me how to ride a Trikke!

We want you to get out there and enjoy Trikking from the beginning. This is where we come in. Join us for a training session scheduled throughout the Month. See our calendar for times and locations.

You may have a group of you and your family, friends, coworkers or even a local school program that is interested in learning more about the Trikke. Get the group together and we’ll bring our demo Trikke’s to you and show you how to ride. This by the way is the best way to size you up into the trikke that best fits you. This is nice to know before you buy one. We begin with 3 rules of thumb:

Know Your Terrain

Paying attention to the approaching incline or curve in the road is exciting once you have your asanas in your “tool kit.” Asanas are Trikke techniques, which we teach during level 2 and 3 lessons. Once you get them down you’ll then be able to choose which asana technique will be the best choice for what’s coming up in your ride.

Rhythm Is King

Keep it steady. Keep it consistent. Keep your form. A faster rhythm creates speed BUT this does not mean that you are breaking the smoothness and basic rhythm you have. Think of it this way, a beat is still a beat even if it slower or faster. What you want is to develop a riding rhythm that even if you speed it up, your form “stays” the same. You don’t start jerking or breaking down your form–you just take your core form and speed that up as your physical conditioning and riding ability allow.

Protect Your Momentum

Remember that at all times, the Trikke is moving forward. Your body must learn to develop a rhythm that captures the moment of attack when the Trikke gains the most forward momentum by your body movement. If your body moves forward when the Trikke is naturally on the forward arch you gain momentum and speed and the ride becomes so much easier! Don’t break your momentum by moving backwards or shifting weight in the opposite direction. Get attuned to the motion and harness that forward momentum!

Training Program

Fred TrainOrientation Class
Your first lesson will cover our safety concerns and the fundamentals of how the Trikke moves. We follow this up with a few basic techniques to get you moving. We can spot the many issues that plague beginners and help correct them early so you won’t get frustrated and give up. It is very common for a client to utter the words “I can’t do it” or “I’m too uncoordinated to even attempt it” only to realize they can do it.
As you progress and work out your skills we begin moving you on to different size Trikke’s to find your comfort zone. The FREE orientation is available to you as long as it takes. If you don’t get it the first time you can always come to our classes and practice with us all the while getting tips to get you moving at no cost to you.
Intermediate Class

We offer an intermediate class where we take the basic riding ability and begin to explore the many techniques to improve your skills. We have put together a few Trikke “asanas” to help elevate your riding experience. We give you tools and we practice acceleration techniques to improve your ride.

You will learn how to tackle many situations that you will eventually encounter out in the open road and/or trails. This class may be repeated several times at no additional cost until the rider is comfortable with the techniques covered. See calendar schedule for location & times.

Advanced Class

Here, we are going to really push the limit with Trikke hill climbing and acceleration tactics. We tackle the advanced asanas and bring a sharper awareness to your ride. We will practice grade climb’s. Get ready to amaze your self with your abilities. It’s all technique folks, no kidding. Yes you work for it but if the technique is right it’s very fluid. Remember “Preservation of Angular Momentum”.

We will work more on the obstacle course.Package DealPurchase Level 2 & 3 at the same time and receive a 25% discount, paying only $30 instead of $40. See class details below. Note: All classes are held within the South Bay Cities area unless otherwise noted in our calendar. Exceptions can be made for individual training, so please contact us so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Personalized Training
Trikke CertificateSchedule an appointment and we will concentrate on specific issues or topics you would like to learn, i.e., hill climbing, acceleration, etc. Personal training outside our service area may incur additional costs for travel.
If you already own a Trikke Carving Vehicle and don’t know how to ride, give us a call. We will help you develop your skills, teach you specialized techniques and increase your performance, Guaranteed!!!
We are very excited to meet you!

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