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What is a Certified Trikke Trainer?

A trained, knowledgeable Trikke Sales Representative.
As a Trikke Trainer, your job starts from the moment someone asks you, “What is that thing?”.
It’s not just about helping someone learn to ride. It’s also about introducing them to the Trikke brand, and even helping them decide which model vehicle is best for them.
YOU become our way of personally introducing people to the world of Trikke Carving Vehicles, so they know they can buy with confidence.


All Trikke Trainers attend our specially designed 3-day Academy training course, where they learn directly from us about the Trikke brand, and our entire line of carving vehicles. They also learn how to take their riding to the next level.
We believe that if you can ride, you can probably teach. You’ll learn how to best introduce others to a new way to move, as well as proven ways to create exposure, and generate sales.

Why become a Certified Trikke Trainer /Sales Rep?

Certified Trikke Trainers receive commissions of 20% on their retail sales. All orders are drop shipped directly to customers. That means no inventory is required. From there, you decide just how far you’d like to take it.

No matter which of our business model opportunities is right for you… the Trikke Academy /Trainer Program is a great opportunity to have a side business all your own, AND earn money while doing something you love.

Contact us today for more information.
But Trikke Trainers are also knowledgeable Sales Reps who can take a customer all the way through the process of a basic demo, choosing the right vehicle for them, and helping them get started carving.
People want to try before they buy, and see what makes it go. It doesn’t take long to figure out THEY make it go .…and sometimes, they don’t.

You may have even been one of those people who wished they could just have someone show them how to ride.  That’s why we developed the Trikke Trainer Program.
For many people, getting the chance to (try before they buy) (experience the ride) is what made them want to one for themselves. When people get the chance to experience the ride, they’re more likely to want their own carving vehicle.

If you are interested in becoming a Trikke Trainer, just submit an application.  There is no fee to apply.   It just gives us a better idea of who you are.

Once your application is in, a call is set up between you and the Director of the Academy & Trainer Program.  You can discuss any remaining questions in detail.

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