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Trikke Changing Lives

The stories of people all over the country share the praises of how Trikke Carving Vehicles have become an amazing part of their lives. Let\\\’s face it, if it\\\’s not fun, you just will not do it.[/text_output]

Jimmy Carter on a TrikkeThe story behind President Carter’s Trikke adoption….

Jack Carter, President and Mrs. Carter\\\’s eldest son, has been a Trikke enthusiast for at least four years. He thought that his mom and dad might also like carving, so he called Lisa and Lawrence Perkins of Atlanta Trikke / Team Mart and purchased two Trikke 8\\\’s for his parents as gifts.  He asked Lisa if she would mind delivering them to the Carter Center and helping the Carters get started riding; she was thrilled to oblige!  On a busy day at the Carter Center on January 20, 2010, Lisa and Lawrence met the Carters, introduced them to their new Trikkes, and got them started with the basics of carving.
In early March, President and Mrs. Carter invited the Perkins family to their home in Plains, Georgia to continue their Trikke training.  Apparently, they had really taken to it well, and were already riding gracefully and powerfully. President Carter requested that Lawrence train him on hills, and Lisa helped Mrs. Carter fine-tune her riding skills on their tennis court.  From what Lawrence tells us, the President really goes after it and attacks the hills. He will not be beaten by hills, wind, etc. He has a LOT of willpower and stamina!
Rosalynn Carter is quoted in The San Francisco Chronicle as regularly enjoying riding about 50 laps around their tennis court on a daily basis to stay in shape.  In August, President Carter told Lisa that they ride their Trikkes two to three miles each day when they are at home in Plains.

Paragraph below is extracted from a personal  letter President Carter sent to John Simpson, CEO of Trikke Tech Inc.

Below is a photo of President Jimmy Carter riding in the Peanut Festival Parade on September 25, 2010 in which he invited Atlanta Trikke to participate; also, President and Mrs. Carter with Lisa and Lawrence Perkins and their kids, Madison and Clay the following day after church services.

Jimmy Carter with Trikkers
danDan M. – age 38

I used to long board (skateboard) until I broke my foot, gave myself a black eye and removed far too much skin off my knees, hands and elbows. I began searching the internet for a safer alternative and saw the Trikke in action. Seeing the free form carving motion and the downhill “bombing” was really inspiring – and when I found out they actually came with brakes, I was sold. I just knew I had to at least try it out. I rented one from SouthBay Trikke just to make sure it was everything I saw on the video……a short time later I was a Trikke T-12 owner. I’ve been carving on the Trikke now for almost 4 months, riding 40-60 miles a week regularly. I have enjoyed it so much, that I’ve lost 30 lbs (two pant sizes) and feel great. Getting this kind of fun exercise has really inspired me and has kept me motivated enough to make some pretty major life-style changes and I’m really looking forward to reaching some fitness goals that I haven’t been able to achieve in the past.

GinaGina A. – age – 45

I am a wife and mother of three children and sometimes it\\\’s a challenge to fit a good workout into my schedule.  I also have a knee that dislocates during certain exercises so if I\\\’m not careful, I could end up limping around for weeks. Over and over again I would start a workout program, get injured (or bored), and then quit.  But when a friend introduced me to a vehicle that didn\\\’t pop my knee out AND combined  muscle strengthening with cardio fitness …well, my life was changed. This vehicle was my first Trikke (a T12 Roadster) .

After endless rhythmic hours of carving through my neighborhood, I caught an amazing sight in the mirror.  It was muscle!  My whole body was leaner and tighter. Seeing the muscle definition from riding my Trikke inspired me to join a gym and start a weight training program.  I have also expanded my fun and fitness with a Trikke Skki and a Trikke Pon-e 48V and joined a Trikke carving community here in Southern California.  It\\\’s been five years now , and at 45 years old I\\\’m in the best shape (while having SO MUCH FUN) of my life!    Thank you Trikke .

Randy B. – age 52

Seriously, folks. Trikke Andy is the man! He\\\’s a mechanical genius, takes pride in his work and knows what he\\\’s doing. Every Trikke owner should be so lucky to have a great local dealer like SouthBay Trikke. Thanks, guys.

I agree Randy – Trikke Andy is always very thorough, knows the ins and outs of all Trikkes and gets the job done right and with a smile. There are very few businesses these days where one can get this type of great service. That\\\’s why Trikkers come from far and wide to SouthBay Trikke.
Pam M. – age – 65

My love affair with Trikke began two months after a huge and serious back surgery involving a fusion of my lower back at age 69.  When I showed up for my first LSM in my full back brace I thought Fred was going to faint!  Andy responded to my email and said “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Come to the LSM”… I did and have never been sorry. My journey began on a T8 and has progressed to T8Sport, T78, 36V Pon-e and my husband\\\’s T12 as well as my daughter\\\’s Pon-e Lite.

Not only have I had a spectacular recovery, but my doctors ALSO attribute my robust recovery to my Trikking!  Somewhere along the way I also managed to get to the Academy and become a Certified Trikke Trainer ~ something I really enjoy doing with my husband, John and so very many Trikke Buddies!  We are now looking at how to modify a T12 for me!!!  Woohoo!

Even though I am put together with bubble gum and bobby pins, my addiction to Trikke continues on and I\\\’m still hard-pressed to explain it!  I just know that my recovery would not have been so smooth, strong (robust 🙂 and satisfying if it weren\\\’t for Trikke.  Thank you G, Andy, Fred, Trikke Family!  XO ~Pam

Larry M. – age 46

I had reached a point in my life where my health was beginning to noticeably deteriorate. My face and belly were increasing in size, my strength was decreasing, and my stamina and energy levels were disappearing. It was time to either get moving or begin to consider accepting the idea of a shorter life span.  So I began to weigh my exercise options.

Gym membership? No. Repetitive, boring, inconvenient, and loud, I had tried that before and quickly lost motivation. A terrific waste of time and/or money.
Home workout? Certainly more convenient and cheaper than a gym. I\\\’d tried this as well with a bit more success but it too quickly became stifling. I needed to get outside.
Bicycle? Now we were getting somewhere. I had done some biking in earlier days and enjoyed it thoroughly. Outdoors in the breeze with ever changing terrain and scenery, this would keep my senses occupied and my legs working…my legs. What about the rest of my body?

I had heard of a machine called a “Rowbike”, a bike propelled by a rowing motion. Here was a full body outdoor workout…with a price tag WAY out of my price range. I had found an older used one on ebay and was considering making a bid. Then, one late night, I was flipping channels (part of why I was out of shape LOL) I happened upon the last 10 minutes of an infomercial for some odd scooter-thingy called a “Trikke”.  Hmmm…weird…looks kinda fun…hey, that looks like quite a workout, a full body workout! When the show ended, I shut off the TV and Googled “Trikke” started voraciously learning everything I could about this intriguing device. I researched Trikkes and even joined a Trikkers forum (Trikke Talk) to get the opinions and advice of others. Finally, after more than a month of digging, I purchased a T-7/8C in October of 2009.

There was a little bit of a learning curve but (despite having only the internet as a “trainer) I was able to figure out how to make the thing go forward. After a month, I was going for 10 mile rides.  At 2 months, I went on my first group ride and finally met some my web friends in person. I  really got the sense that I\\\’d become involved in a very special community. As my mileage increased my interest in healthy eating and overall well being increased too.  I felt better than I had in a long time! At 6 months, I went on a 26 mile “marathon” ride and was able to hold my own with all the T-12 riders! At this point, my wife realized how serious I was getting about this whole Trikke thing…and bought me a T-12 as an early birthday present!  After another marathon (Aliso Creek) she realized just how much fun I was having (in the guise of “getting fit”) and after I completed my first100K ride she wanted to join in, which led us to getting her first Trikke.
Trikke started me down the path of a stronger and more healthy lifestyle and although the Trikke isn\\\’t my only form of exercise, it is one of my favorite and it made the others possible. Whether short or long distances, I have a blast riding my Trikke. And I\\\’ve met the most amazing people from all over the country through organizations such as South Bay Trikke and  group rides and events that we have participated in such as the Skki Inn.
After completing my second 100K in 2011 we moved from CA to WI. While the trikke community is smaller here, my wife and I still enjoy trikking whenever the roads are dry and the weather above freezing! When those aren\\\’t the conditions, you\\\’ll find me on my Trikke Skki at the local ski hill!

Laura M. – age 42

Everybody loves Larry! He\\\’s the kind of guy who plays a ukulele instead of a guitar, runs barefoot instead of using expensive running shoes….buys a Trikke instead of a more conventional ride.  I watched from the sidelines as Larry left for trikke rides, met new people, got into shape ~ all while having fun! After 9 months of observing, I realized that I might want to get out of the house and have a break from our four kids too!  So we acquired our second trikke and Larry taught me how to ride. There was certainly a learning curve and I was given lots of excellent tips and advice at my first South Bay Trikke group ride in Sept 2010. I learned to ride on a T-7/8 but a few months later tried Larry\\\’s T-12 and I was hooked! I got my own T-12 and we started riding together often and attending group rides whenever possible. Rides were as short as 5 miles or up to 20 miles, my longest ride to date is 43 miles. The trikke community is such a wonderful mixture of individuals (with a common passion) all of whom I fell fast in love with! They truly are the best people around!!  Larry and I were able to get in shape, have fun and discover a new hobby we both enjoyed, separately AND as husband and wife. There is no greater joy than to hop on your trikke and explore new trails, roads, paths, sidewalks ~ especially when you can do it with your best friend! Trikke has been an inspiration for us and definitely strengthened the aspect of “play” in our marriage!  We have a fleet of 6 trikkes, and a trikke skki  – We always welcome friends, family, or whomever to join us on a ride!  I firmly believe that if you consistently use your trikke you will never regret buying one!

Corey Tice – age 22

When I was first introduced to Trikke carving vehicles back in 2007, I was a sophomore
in high school on the JV wrestling team. After a family friend showed me how to carve, I quickly replaced running with carving to help maintain my weight. While my friends around me were complaining about shin splints from running so much, I was keeping my weight under control with no shin splints. I continued to train this way for my remaining two years and I haven’t stopped. I no longer wrestle, but I am still in awesome shape due mainly to Trikke carving vehicles.

I love exercising with these vehicles because they’re versatile and extremely effective workout machines. I can easily condition individual muscle groups and burn a lot of calories with no impact to my joints. Every ride is different. One day I’ll workout only my legs, the next day core, then chest or back. This also makes it great for marathons because I can change my technique and rotate between muscle groups, enabling me to ride for longer periods of time and greater distances.

The electric models have played a major part of my life, especially when I didn’t have a car. I rode my Pon-e to work, school, friends houses, the store, and to my wife’s house when we first started dating. Very little has changed though because I still ride my Pon-e more than I drive my car.

These machines are amazing for exercise and weight loss, but they have done more than just keep me in shape. They have given me confidence I never had on a skateboard. I feel completely stable and under control while ripping down a hill or through a parking complex on these vehicles. I go faster and carve deeper than I do on my board. I also loved snowboarding, but I hadn’t come close to facing any of the tough routes. I was scared and didn’t really trust my board. After 20 minutes on the Trikke Skkii I was carving down the slopes and by the end of my first day I was tackling Black and even some Double-Black Diamonds.

Trikke vehicles are ridiculously fun and have unlimited potential for improving the quality of a persons life. The numerous testimonials I have read and seen are truly inspiring and I strongly recommend that everyone try one!

Irene T. – age – 45

I was born and raised in So Cal. I love to have fun and I enjoy working out. I also find that I am easily bored so if I don’t change it up, I won’t work out. Trikke has added that extra something to my workouts that keeps me wanting to get on and go out.

Learning to ride Trikke was a bit challenging for me though. I practiced and practiced but was easily frustrated by my slow progress, until I tried the Trikke Skki. Now snow is not my cup of tea. I’m a sun girl, and a lizard in my past life as my husband says, so I wasn’t really looking forward to this type of outing. I had taken snowboard lessons a couple of years back but was unable to get it, and I sat in the cold snow all day. But within 15 minutes of being on the SKKI (which included the lesson), I was easily carving down the snow trail. That was fun! When I returned home and hopped back on the Trikke, I got it! The Trikke Skki provided me the ability to go fast and learn how to shift my weight and lean into the turns. Now on the street, I could do what I was doing on the snow, and it was fun!

I’ve been fortunate to find riders in my area that love to Trikke. We’ve started a riding group called the So Cal Carvers and we get together monthly (life permitting) and explore new areas. This eclectic group of people have made my experience awesome; and are now some of my dearest friends. Truly fitness has become fun. Fun has brought friends and the Trikke has helped me to stay 29 Forever! Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. 😉

Sean T. – age – 46

My name is Sean, my friends call me Shorty and I am a Trikke addict. I have this overwhelming sensation to share my love for my Human Powered Carving Vehicle better known as a Trikke, and yes I have a name for it, “The Green Machine”.

I have been carving up the neighborhood for a little over two years now. A great friend of mine introduced me to carving and I just had to get my whole family involved. Happy to say we are now all blissfully addicted to Trikke. oh! and did I mention that I am a certified trainer from the Trikke Training Academy.

Ok, back to me 🙂 Why Shorty you ask? Because I am Six foot Six “above sea level” and Shorty has always been what everyone calls me.

I am happily married to a wonderful wife of 22 years and have 2 awesomely talented boys, who by the way, are unbeatable on the Trikke.

When I am not working or carving I might be taking pictures, which is another passion I am working on incorporating more into my life. (Do you mind if I take a picture of you on your Trikke?)

What I like most about the Trikke is there is virtually no impact, and because my adolescent years were pretty active, several broken bones and a couple knee surgeries later, the Trikke is perfect for me.

I need to keep all my joints and muscles groups moving, and what better way is there to stay healthy then to “Get Up, Get Out & Get your Groove On”.

Rich Goff – 65


Following a heart attack and triple coronary by-pass surgery in 2009, my weight was a huge medical concern. I was motivated to again do something about it. As a result, I dropped from 362 lbs. to under 240 lbs. “Again” was the important point here. This wasn’t the first time in my 60 + years that I had dieted and dropped a lot of weight. The problem was I was the classic super rubber ball. As soon as I lost it, I would put those pounds back on, and like any super ball… I might even add a few. So, now that I had a serious medical issue, I had to figure out how to NOT be a rubber ball.

I got active during the diet, and I walked and rode a bike almost daily. But, I had done these things in the past. Sitting on a bike is painful; walking the same lousy sidewalks becomes totally boring. So, I needed something new! I needed something that could hold my interest, and was enjoyable enough that I would stick with it. On the next to the last Sunday in May 2010, 14 months after my open heart surgery, I was struggling with going out for my daily walks. I knew I had to do something fast.

I decided to try the Trikke. This wasn’t an easy process. I wanted to buy a T 8 but there were none in stock! I was told to contact SouthBay Trikke. This would be my best chance to locate one. This was better than fine with me, because I could get to see it rather than just buy it over the internet. So, following a meeting in Long Beach, a friend took me to Torrance on the way home. I got a hands-on demo and bought a used T8. I had never had anyone try so hard to NOT sell me something. Andy Pliska was a great instructor, but I thought he needs to become a better salesman. He tried to convince me to rent rather than buy, and seemed to think I might have some problems getting into this activity. Finally, I convinced him to sell me a trikke. He made a point of turning me onto an upcoming event. The following Saturday there would be an LSM in Long Beach, and he encouraged me to come. He said a guy named Fred and other certified trainers were holding classes for new trike riders. It sounded like a good idea, but I had other commitments for that Saturday.

I went home and tried to become a trikke rider on my own. To keep this simple, I failed! I turned and I twisted but, nothing was clicking. So, I changed my plans and went to Long Beach for the LSM event. A light bulb went on working with these folks. I was in terrible shape, but it started to work for me. I was so impressed I carved the parking lot at Shoreline Village. I was able to get all the way over to the Rainbow Lagoon to be in the group photo, and I then slowly carving all the way around the Lagoon. Very slowly. Everyone else was done and took off for some lighthouse, but I was still slowly making my way around the lagoon in first gear, and working hard! A very nice young man (Cory Tice) stayed with me, coaching and encouraging me. I made it all the way around the Lagoon and was exhausted! I thanked him for his patience and headed slowly to the parking lot. It was a good thing my wife drove me down to this event, I was asleep in the car before we could get back on the 110 freeway heading back home.

I had to succeed. There was no option. If I gave up, I would be back on the rubber ball express. Mine was not a story book success story. I struggled on, slowly got good at turning but no way was I able to carve. I have come to love the Trikke, and find every chance to do rides. It gives me so much joy. I can carve for miles now. After many years of sitting at a desk, I was way out of shape, and I have issues with balance. This resulted in me doing lots of “bouncing” on the pavement. I donated more than my share of skin from my knees and have had some amazing bruises that you have to have seen to believe. But I couldn’t and wouldn’t quit.

I never sold SouthBay Trikke my used T8. I have now bought 4 Trikkes. I have gotten my wife to ride with me, and that was no easy feat. The two things that have worked for me are having a supporting wife that rides with me regularly, and becoming a regular at LSM’s. I now do regular buddy rides each week. I continue to regularly practice to improve my carving technique. I am not a great carver… but I am a highly motivated carver. I am just over 50 miles short of having carved 1,800 miles in the year 2013. I WILL get there before the end of the year. I am NOT going to be a rubber ball ever again.

Thank you SouthBay Trikke, I have never kept weight off for 3 years following a big loss. No, it isn’t how I lost the weight. It was the salvation that has allowed me to keep the weight off…

*Just a Note – Rich accomplished 1800 miles as of Dec.20 2013. Congratulations!!

Andy P. – age – 47

I have been trikking for the better part of five years. Like most of us, I fell into this carving phenomenon by curiosity. The feeling I got from carving was so natural, it was hard to believe that more folks weren’t out riding these crazy things.

Wanting to spread the word about the awesome benefits of trikking, family members Sean, Irene and myself decided to start SouthBay Trikke.

We have been going strong five years now and look forward to sharing all the new innovations of the Trikke Carving Vehicle with our local community and the world.

I teach at the National Trikke Academy, specializing in the tech courses designed to certify new Academy trainers and dealers In this capacity I work closely with Gildo Beleski (inventor) and Fred Welch (academy director) to research and develop new servicing, riding and training techniques.

Together we share this knowledge with new trikke trainers in a three and four day intense course of everything Trikke. I highly recommend the Academy to everyone, whether you want to ride better or start your own business venture.

If you have any questions, please send an email or feel free to give me a call. I look forward to working with you. Follow me at TrikkeAndy on facebook for tips, trikks and cool tech.

Nicole S. – age – 41

I was an avid runner for most of my life. A torn disc in my lower back, along with some knee troubles while training for a marathon quickly halted my ability to do what I loved most. About 7 months into my slow recovery, a girlfriend introduced me to the Trikke. Within minutes of giving this unique new vehicle a try, I knew I had to have one. I realized quickly I was introduced to an opportunity to experience an intense outdoor cardio workout that is low impact on my back and my knees. Within 4 months of regular weekly Trikke rides, I was back to jogging, even my doctors were surprised.

Trikking is a great way to continually offer me a physical challenge in terms of improving my technique, my distance, and my stamina. This is an ever changing, competitive sport that creates an awareness and connection with the body I\\\’ve never felt before. With every ride comes a feeling of self satisfaction and improvement!

Trikkers are such a special group of people, a global community full of support, friendship and fun! I use social networking to find Trikkers who are always there to answer my questions about technique, suggest a great new place to ride, plan a group ride or assist with the most technical of questions. Even though I now live in Denver, South Bay Trikke in California has proven to be an excellent source of information and support, I\\\’m lucky to be a customer there!

I can\\\’t imagine not living the Trikke lifestyle!

Wilson W. – age – 48

Never give up! Is the advice I would offer. It all started for me in 2008. I weighed in at 250 lbs., my heaviest. I never thought I\\\’d get this heavy. I was the “Skinny” brother. At Two fifty, not by much. I wasn\\\’t into running, I didn\\\’t like bikes, and you can forget about getting me into a gym. I also have asthma and other health issues.

The Trikke infomercial was still playing late at night and I watched it. I watched and I thought to myself, that\\\’s what I need! I think a week had gone by, I was working and feeling sluggish. So on a whim, I decided to go by a sporting goods store and check if I could find a Trikke. I didn\\\’t want to buy it and not know if I would like it. I wanted to see it and hopefully try it. I went to Sports Chalet and they had a beat up floor model, perfect! I was able to try it, unsuccessfully, but liked it. I bought a T8 air, they had assembled in the back, a helmet and gloves. I was excited. I was going to learn how to ride this crazy thing, lose weight, and get healthy. Well, that was the plan.
I got home, watched the DVD and thought I can do this. The next day, I filled the tires and was at an empty parking lot. For over an hour, I stepped up and tried. I did the “scooter kick start”, went about five feet and nothing. The next day at the same lot I did a little better. I think it was third day that I actually made it around the lot. I kept at it.  For over a week, I returned to this lot and tried to get the momentum. It was hard. There was no one around that I have seen with one of these, I had no help. I got the hang of it in my second week, meaning I could move and I could restart. I got to a point where starting up and going up a very slight incline was doable.
Bored with the parking lot, I went to the Silverlake Reservoir. I must\\\’ve looked funny to all the joggers in the area but no matter, I needed to lose weight, too. I was determined to get this. Determined to get healthier and lose some weight. I didn\\\’t consistantly check the tire pressure. Not knowing this key element showed me how it was harder to ride and wore out the tires quicker. I found out that with daily riding that the tire pressure was good for two maybe three days. Silverlake is like a two mile loop. My hope was to do this non-stop and with out stepping off. My first trip around I discovered three major things. There was a fun yet cautious downhill section and there were two hills, one curvy path next to traffic near a dog park and a steeper hill towards the mile and a half mark. These were going to be challenges. They would need to be conquered!  For three months, I pretty much carved at least 4 days or nights per week. I loved carving down the hill. It was fast. It started with a sweeping left down the street into a 90 degree right , a stop sign, and into a quick 90 degree left. Yes, I blew the stop sign at night when there was no traffic. Down the block was the first hill near the dog park. I stepped off here and walked up the hill. I remembered thinking, how am I ever going to carve up this section. I said the same of the other hill. For about two years, this was my route.

After my first two months, I had dropped 30 pounds. I was feeling good. After a year of carving, I purchased a T-12 Roadster. After four years of carving , I am able to carve up these two hills and a whole lot more. Although my weight goes up and down due to my diet and eating habits, I haven\\\’t gained back my original weight loss. With a change in my diet and habits along with my continuous workouts and carving on my Trikke CV, I\\\’m confident I\\\’ll reach my I goal weight soon. The Trikke CV has truly changed my life for the better.

Dani A. – age 42

I enjoy doing my daily Trikke regimen which has led to significant weight loss for me. I’ve basically reinvented myself by riding. I didn\\\’t really do it for the weight loss at first, it was mainly because it was fun and I enjoyed the way it made me feel when I rode..

I’ve lost 65 pounds in six months by riding my T12 Roadster roughly seven to eight miles a day, four times a week. Yes I became somewhat of a fanatic, but I just had to do it. My skills slowly improved, and I was able to go further with each passing week. The vehicle almost drives itself as I literally skate atop my Trikke along the Santa Monica bike (Trikke) path.

I\\\’m sure if I had my diet in better control during that time, I would have lost much more. To be quite honest, I was addicted to fast food and changing my diet was one of the hardest things I had to do in getting control of my health. Riding the Trikke made it possible for me. After just a few days, riding got a lot easier and I found myself wanting to go out and do it everyday. I saw almost immediate results in my body\\\’s tone and stamina.  My moods began to improve and I felt better about exercising which is something I hated to do. Riding was becoming a true joy. When I started reaching my small weekly goals, it became easier to make new goals and go further. I started making better meal choices, oh how nice it was to finally eat right. Since then I have switched to only organic plant based foods, and I’m avoiding all dairy and any farm fed meats. I honestly have never felt better and the Trikke helped make all of this possible!

It\\\’s been about a year now since I really applied myself and have been able to maintain a steady fitness level while keeping my weight in check. I haven’t felt this good in my entire life, and can confidently say that I have taken back my health. Trikke literally means fitness that’s fun in my humble assessment. That\\\’s my story and I\\\’m sticking to it!

Chuck F LLP

I am the owner of a Long Beach Restaurant Delivery company in Long Beach California.

In the early stages of our launch I was attending a meeting with local Long Beach business Leaders.  After the meeting I was approached by an enthusiastic \\\’surfer in a suit\\\’ named Andy.  He introduced himself and said he had an idea that might benefit us both.  I thought he was a restaurant owner or someone who liked to eat – why else would he seem so excited about our company?
He said he owned the local Trikke dealership.  I vaguely knew what a Trikke was at the time.  So I listened.  He explained how having some exposure by our delivery staff using Trikkes, he could benefit and so could we.  As any good business man does, Andy left the part about how it would benefit my company to my imagination.  He said we would meet next week and he would bring a demo for us to try out.  I agreed and we parted ways.

That night I went into to the office and looked up his website  The home page was informative and I had to dig deeper.   I wanted to know what I was getting myself into.  The question remained how a Trikke could help our business. Could the Trikke replace the car we were expecting to purchase for deliveries?  If not, then what could a Trikke do that bikes can\\\’t?  Then I saw the Pon-e EV.   That’s different, now I’m interested.  The wheels start spinning and I can\\\’t wait to see a real one in action.

Next week Andy calls and said he is outside our building with the Trikke.  I step outside and see Andy zoom past me on a freshly charged Pon-e EV.  Then I see the crowd of people on the sidewalk gathered to watch Andy zip up and down the street.  Boy does this thing get the attention.  We could hardly get through the conversation because everyone who walked by just had to know what it was.  Then Andy left, but the people kept asking questions.  I spent 30 minutes just walking the Trikke 2 blocks back to the office.  Little did I know that we would soon be facing the same questions that Andy was fielding – on every delivery we made, and everyone wants to ride too?  Now I understand what Andy meant by ‘we might get some exposure’.  This is really unusual the attention we got with the Trikke.

We began the trial the next day.  We delivered with it, we shopped for groceries on it, and most of all we let a multitude of people ride it.  We especially enjoyed seeing everyone\\\’s face light up as they twist the throttle for the first time.  Old and young alike react the same way, surprise followed by joy.

But all good things must come to an end.  After two weeks I got word the Trikke was needed for a CNN special so we returned the Trikke as planned that next day. That night I began looking at the benefits of the Trikke for our organization.

1) Faster deliveries – Larger delivery radius
2) Green solution
3) Easy to navigate the city vs. a car
4) Free Marketing/Brand Awareness
5) Unique and Different (in a city where Segways are passé)
6-10) FUN!

I stopped at 10.  The result: I want one, no we NEED one.  So I called Andy and two weeks later we began delivering to Long Beach on our new White 48v Pon-e EV!

The list of benefits keeps growing, and so does the line of people asking where can I get one?  The answer is Southbay Trikke in Long Beach.  Rent one and tour the city on your next trip to California.

David S. Trikke TestimonialDavid S

This about the 48V Pon-E I bought from Southbay Trikke. I am not the easiest customer to please, and Andy Pliska has gone the extra mile to make me happy and give me first rate service on my Trikke. Besides having accessories that nobody else has (my cargo net, the new grips Andy just sold me and more), the excellent service, and his patience, Andy is an excellent trainer as well. I am just a loyal customer that wanted to let others know that Southbay Trikke is the place to go to buy and service your Trikke. I will also say, that my 48V Pon-E (the electric Trikke) is easy and extremely fun to ride. I can\\\’t tell you how many “Wow”\\\’s I\\\’ve gotten riding by a group of people, and how many people ask to ride it (they can\\\’t!). Thanks to Andy and SouthBay Trikke for everything. If you are considering buying a Trikke Pone, feel free to call me, and I will recommend you go to Andy to buy and service it. David S