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Trikke Body Powered Vehicles

Carving LisaTrikke has the coolest human body powered carving vehicle’s on the planet. Fun, Fitness and big smiles while riding your Trikke. We are here to help you. Feel free to give us a call today.

Trikke three-wheel cambering vehicles are body powered machines that utilize Trikke patented 3CV technology to allow a rider to propel forward without ever touching the ground. The elegantly simple construction provides a stable 3-point platform that leans into the turn with the rider while all three wheels remain in contact with the ground. A rider may reach speeds of up to 18 mph on flat ground, ride 60 mi in one day, and climb the steepest of hills (with practice!).

We, at South Bay Trikke want you to ride your Trikke, and ride it well. Come to our FREE class and try out your new Trikke before you buy it. Purchase a Trikke from us and receive FREE personalized training to help you get all you can out of the Trikke. Let us setup your Trikke so that it is right the first time you get on it. In fact we setup all customer purchase’s from our store FREE. We are here for you.

To Place Orders: Call us directly, we accept all major credit cards and paypal. Or order online securely with our encrypted shopping cart.

South Bay Trikke is a leader in Trikke Sales, Service, and Training. We have been doing this since 2007 and work to put performance into every Trikke we build or service. We can help answer your questions.

Look no further for your Trikke replacement needs. We have most parts in stock ready to go. We can easily access those hard to find parts and can usually get them to you in a short amount of time. Call us for information or questions on your Trikke needs.

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  1. Ann Williams

    Hi I’m looking for a trikke for my 40 year old daughter who has been struggling to loose weight seems like all her life. Because, I’m on a fixed income I’m looking more at the used ones. Can you please tell me if you might have something down that line.

    1. Post

      Hello, thanks for the inquiry. We do have some models that are not yet posted on the site. You can call me to discuss at (310) 803-0445. I need to know some details about your daughter such as height and weight so that I can recommend a Trikke that would work well for her and give her some guidance on learning to ride.

      The Trikke is fun to ride and I think that really helps people stay with it. My name is Andy and I can work with you on a payment plan as well. Thank you for reaching out to help your daughter. A mother work is never done. Have a great day, Carve Diem.

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