Southbay Trikke is entering a new era in the Trikke world

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Southbay Trikke is entering a new era in the Trikke world.

S.B.T. has long been a “go-to” for trikke related support, and a beacon, both locally & nationally; an example of excellence in Trikke sales, training, service and other support.

After 8 years, its President /Owner /Operator, my friend, Andy Pliska (who also served as my Tech Director for Trikke Academy for most of those years) is making a big life move and jumping on the opportunity to pursue a whole other dream with Pliska Construction.  I think it’s fair to say he’ll bring the same spirit of service, and attention to detail to all his new endeavors that he brought to being the founder and creator of SouthBay Trikke.

There are many of you reading this who may have been one of the folks who have been helped over the years, whether in person, or via other incarnations. You may have even gotten a note from him, letting you know of his new path, and the changes coming.

Andy Sean and Irene

Andy, Sean, & Irene

If so, then please reach out.  Say thank you, to him and to the entire SBT Trikke gang for creating one of the most well respected Trikke Dealerships…- known for knowledgeable expertise and a spirit of service.

Thank them for being Trikke leaders.

Along with that, I want you to know that very well may have been the end of the SBT story. …But it’s not.

This is a national email forum, and this article is about a new era.

Why? Because the silver lining to all of this is that there is value in creating and maintaining a viable brand within the Trikke network of businesses.

As a Certified Trikke Dealership, SouthBay Trikke has created a wide influence, and helped support the trikke community both locally and nationally. We want that to continue. And in order to do that, it was our turn to “step up”.

And so, for the first time ever, Trikke Academy is buying a business that started at a Trikke Academy class. (…the 2nd Trikke Academy event, as a matter of fact.)   We think there is good reason in continuing to make SouthBay Trikke a viable business. …in times when there is a storefront, and, as now, in times when there is not.

As many of you already know, Trikke Academy’s home base is in the Las Vegas valley.  And Trikke Las Vegas is our own version of a localized Certified Trikke creation.
Given that geographical hurdle, the reality is that we will not be able to “keep shop” – and effectively continue to operate a local S.B.T. shop/store location.

But , if you have ever been to a Trikke Academy, you know that, in my opinion, business is about creating.

It’s also about being flexible.

In this economy and in our online culture, where people now often feel more comfortable buying online than at a local business, (it wasn’t always that way) …businesses, and business models must be flexible in order to be viable.

The knowledge base, the history of content, the access toreal-timee, accurate Trikke info and knowledge – remain some of the core components of the SBT brand. And though there will be no landed SBT location until the economics and the man-power, and the leadership ensure that it makes sense to do so, …the online website for SBT, which has always served a wide swath of the Trikke community, will continue to do so.

The online structure for SBT -the look and feel- will all remain, for the most part, as is and most of any changes will most likely tend toward ensuring overall customer service and efficiency.  And, as envisioned, it will also continue to be one of the core “Hubs” that make up the Trikke world.

We also believe that the vibrant and diverse riding community (seeded / created by the efforts of the knowledgeable Trikke team at SBT), will also continue to thrive and be an influence on the Trikke community globally.

Even as a newly restructured company, it will (we will) continue that support, whether by phone, email, pics, video, classes, etc,. – No matter where you are, we’ll also try to connect you with knowledgeable Trikke Professionals and Trainers who can help. …which has been the way that both Trikke Tech and Trikke Academy have been supporting this niche market for over a decade, and continues to do so.

SBT will also continue to lead as part of the new and the soon-to-be-released

It is intended to be a new and better form of integrated online platform.

So, like the headline reads, it’s a new era – for Trikke Certified businesses of all kinds…
Trikke Fitness & Trikke Adaptive Organizations
Trikke Tours Operators
Trikke Trainers, Tech Gurus, or other Trikke Professionals

…along with Riding Groups, Clubs, etc.

All will have a place in the integrated network that is

In this political campaign season, I really don’t want to get all message-y on you, But…
We are in need of a better, more connected time. A time when yet another quality pillar of the Trikke community doesn’t just fade away.

Trikke Tech, Inc. started a movement. The Southern California territory has been and is still the most vibrant & active hub of trikke activity, especially in the realm of body powered motion.

SouthBay Trikke has been one of the premium standard bearers for almost a decade. Many other parts of the country have no local leadership, and have to fend for themselves, and have, therefore, consistently used SBT as a resource.

But it has also ALWAYS been a Hub, – not only creating a thriving local riding enthusiast community – with all the familial qualities that are a part of any community – but also in working together with Trikke Professionals from all over California and, yes, even nationally. That is part of what has helped keep it alive for many years.

There are many Academy trained Trikke Professionals and Trainers all throughout the Southern California area and the rest of the country. They all took the Tech classes from our then Tech Director, Andy Pliska.

woman rider

Fred Welch & Andy Pliska training Certified Trikke Trainer Rebecca Amelong

There is also still a lot of knowledge and support that can help guide you, whether it’s a riding question or a tech related issue, like diagnosing a problem or finding a part.

Bottom line…    This ain’t Amazon.   

For all of us in the Trikke business, it’s time to grow up a bit, – into the integrated network of businesses who bring knowledgeable expertise to the table, – and who continue to understand it’s better to work together than alone. now offers a better way to do that.
And SBT will be continue to be an ongoing part of that.

So, if you’re in need of advice, let us know. We’re here to help and guide. We can assist you over the phone or via email. If you’d like riding lessons or service, there are Trikke Trainers and Trikke Technicians all over, and in the most unexpected areas. …And we can help hook you up!

Feel free to reach out any time. Contact us

Either way, please continue to support one of the pillars of the the Trikke world, and an ongoing resource & creator of great Trikke related content, – Southbay Trikke.

All Trikke Andy videos will remain in tact and will continue to be a resource for you. And Trikke Certified will be continuing maintain, and sponsor, AND add to that library of Trikke knowledge.

To quote a Trikke hall of famer…   See you around the next turn.

Fred Welch