Tribred Pon-e 48 Volt

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Tribred Pone 48 Volt

The 48V Tribred Pon-e is a work horse. Great for personal or institutional use.
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$2199.99 ea
48 Volt Electric Tribred Pon-e
The Trikke Tribred Pone 48 Volt is an all in one Ultimate Personal Transportation, Fitness, and Recreation Vehicle. The Pone is a complete upgrade of the standard T8 frame. The front structure is stronger with mounting points for accessories. The advent of disc brakes means that your stopping power is precise and can stop on a dime. The 2 position switch allows for controlled speed at 10mph on LO and up to 18mph on HI on the 48Volt lithium battery.
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What we think of this product:

Andy: The 48V Pone is the ultimate personal transportation vehicle. It has changed the way I get around town. No more firing up the car for those small errands. Taking my son to school is also a blast. We ride tandem all over the neighborhood. The fact that you can switch out a battery easily is great to keep my Pone moving.

At $2199 This is awesome transportation for the buck. The 48V lists at $2400. I have an amazing time on this Trikke. Weather I'm on the 36V or 48V, the Tribred Pon-e's have changed the way I live my life. Really no joke. Get Greener everyday.
Call me if you have a question. (310) 803-0445. Thanks.

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