Trikke Skki


Amazing, fun, easy to learn and ride. All aluminum lightweight. Go as fast or slow as you want.  It’s super easy to learn!

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This is the new easy way to carve down the slopes. Just jump on and go. An adventure ride that can be enjoyed in the comfort of any waterproof shoe or boot!  It’s a free ride system which means no special boots or bindings.  The Trikke Ski is easy to learn.  You’ll be skiing the slopes and off the bunny slope in less then half a day.  It’s a great alternative to adaptive ski sports.

The Trikke Skki has been out of production for several years.  We are excited to announce that the brand new 2017 Trikke Skki is in production and will be released November of 2016.

No more painful ski boots and bindings. The Skki is equipped with custom, wood-core, shaped skis and generously padded handlebars for ease of control. This is the new free ride machine for beginners or pros. Fun is guaranteed.
The ski blades are easily removed from the vehicle for transport and the frame folds up for easy storage.

Please check with your local ski resort to see if they allow for OA(Open Access) of the Skki.  Trikke Tech will not be responsible for changes in a ski resort’s policy as it applies to the Skki.

The highlights of the 2017 model are:

  • Upgraded frame construction with v3 cambering components, new front structure and arms.
  • Improved frame geometry and increased cambering range.
  • New deck. The dished surface and grip design has changed for improved comfort and control.
  • The 3 shoes are now made out of aluminum. Previous version was nylon.
  • Ski blades are European made with high performance tuned edges. Previous was China made.
  • Handlebar core is lighter, made out of aluminum, with integrated stem. Previous version was steel with bolted stem.
  • 2017 color scheme is a bright green on glossy black frame and skis.

Taking pre-orders now.  Skki’s due in Novemeber of 2016.  Just in time for ski season!  Orders will be processed in the order they are received!

Trikke Snow Skki

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