12.5×2.25 Tire


Trikke factory T12 Roadster tire. 12.5×2.25.


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Trikke Tire 12.5x2.25 OEMTrikke Tire 12.5×2.25

The Trikke Tire 12.5×2.25 inch is a factory Trikke original design tire. they are sold individually. These tires provide good traction for the Trikke T12 Roadster. Tire pressure is recommended 75-80psi. Going lower will give you more traction but will also increase drag. Riders do on occasion pump up to 90psi for easier rolling resistance.

The Trikke Tire 12.5×2.25 is the easiest to install of all our tires. We use nylon levers so not to damage the inner-tube during removal. Simply de-pressure the tube by removing the valve core with a valve core remover tool, Use the nylon lever to remove tire.

When re-pressuring the tire, we use a silicone spray on the tire bead to allow the tire to seek it’s center.

Changing a Trikke Tire