Trikke T78 Deluxe


The top of our line steel-frame Carving Fitness Vehicle. Features T8 Sport style handlebars, all 8.5” air tires, pleather hand grips, upgraded brake levers and cables. A great all around ride.

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T78 Deluxe Rider Lean

Trikke T78 Deluxe

This new Trikke T78 Deluxe model is a perfect blend of the T8-08 and the T78 air. This Deluxe model features the T8 style handlebars, Two Tone black rims, pleather hand grips, upgraded T8 brake cables, aluminum brake levers, Goose Neck, and black foot decks.

The all Air set-up means improved traction for a smoother feel while carving. The buck-knife folding system makes folding and set-up a easy. Mounts both 7” and 8” polyurethane wheels in case you want to change it up. What’s not to like? You get the ride of a T8 at $280 savings. ( The New T8 with disc brakes retails at $669)

Available in three fantastic colors. Hot Pink, which gives off a pearl look, Green Metallic which has a great black contrast and now Bright Blue.

Combining the look of a scooter with the feel of a skateboard or snowboard, the Trikke T78 Deluxe three-wheel cambering vehicle offers a whole new way of propelling yourself on wheels. The T78 Deluxe is equipped with Trikke’s patented 3CV technology, which provides a stable three-point platform for the rider. To go forward, simply lean (or carve) into the turn as you would on a bike or snowboard. The entire T78 Deluxe will lean with you, creating enough momentum to reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour on flat ground. The vehicle can even climb the steepest of hills after enough practice. Not only is it a blast, but it’s also a great workout, too, keeping your legs and arms active with every movement.T78 Deluxe Rider Carve

The Trikke T78 Deluxe is a customized riders’ dream vehicle, for adults (or bigger kids). Equipped with all air 8.5″ tires on machined aluminum rims, the comfort of air is accompanied by added traction, allowing for longer rides on more varied pavement conditions. You will find styled accents and upgraded components throughout the T78Deluxe. The aluminum handlebar set up with improved grips along with a durable steel frame and adjustable handlebar height allows riders 12 years and up to ride with comfort and confidence. You or your kid will discover new fun and fitness as all your major muscle groups engage while riding. You can also fold down the frame with the trigger lever to easily store or transport. One of our most popular models for good reason.

  • Black   finished and Styled accents
  • All 8.5″ Air tires
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Rear independent brakes
  • Quickly folds with trigger lever frame

Product Weight: 24 lbs

Suggested Weight Limit: 250lbs
Suggested Height Limit Range: 5′ to 6’6″
Recommended Ages: 12+

Trikke Andy ReviewAndy: This Trikke is very nimble. Great in tight area’s and well built. It really is a perfect fit for the all around rider. Multi-Adjustable positioning allows for the whole family to ride the T78. Fantastic combination that really feels good in the riders hands. Very natural body position while aboard. High quality. Good Pricing.

At $389 you are getting a fair price considering the $429 retail. The T78Air Deluxe is a great value and performance Trikke without having to step up to a T8Air.

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Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Pink Pearl

T78Air Deluxe