Trikke Mirror


Trikke Mirror can mount on the front structure and the handlebars equipped with extensions.

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The Trikke Mirror mounts easily on the outside of your handlebar equipped with extensions. Comes complete with mount, bolt and mirror assembly.

  • Mount on Front Structure
  • Mount on Handlebars

Keeping track of whats behind you can be made easier by mounting a mirror to your Trikke. The Trikke rear view mirror is reasonably priced at $13 as of this writing. The new mirror mounts on the T12, T8S and T8H Pone via the handlebars. Screw the receiver mount onto the handlebar end with a 5mm bolt. Then slide the mirror into the mount, tighten the phillips head screw and you are ready to roll.

We tried the mirror on both sides of the handlebars. I prefer the left side only. On the electric vehicle you may prefer using two mirrors.

Trikke rearview Mirror
Get a good look at what’s behind you
If you don’t mount them onto the bars of a T12. We mounted this style right onto the front structure. The vehicle folded well and the mirror was just enough out of the way that it did not disturb the ride.