Pull Cord T8 / T12 / EV (36V & 48V)


Pull Cord’s make opening and closing your T8 Sport, Electric Trikke and T12 Easier.

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Pull Cord on T8 SportPull cords, also known as C.O.R.S. (cable operator release system) make opening and closing your aluminum Trikke a breeze. No more fussing around with pull pins and knobs on the folding mechanism. Simply pull the cord and your trailing arm is freed from the locking position.

The simple and clean look, bring an extra dash of class to your carving vehicle. Installation is simple, straight forward and ready in seconds. Click on video tab to see how they work and how to install.

These and along with Cargo Nets are a must have accessory for any Trikke T8, T12, or electric vehicle owner.