36 Volt Lead Acid Charger

Charger 36V Re-Gen


36V  2.7A Temperature compensated multi-stage 12v battery charger/maintainer/de-sulfator with precision settings for Gel/Flooded/AGM batteries and selectable amperage.

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By © Randy Lee

Riding a motorized Trikke is a sensation like no other – just talk to anyone lucky enough to own one. Unfortunately, some people have found that the SLA batteries’ capacity can plummet in a matter of months like the proverbial hockey stick pointed downward (myself included).

So why do some have this problem and not others? It could be stock chargers undercharging the batteries. It could be one or more defective batteries. It could be people leaving batteries in a partially charged state. It could be exposing the batteries to extreme temperatures. Or it could be a combination of these.
What I do know is, over the first four months of owning my T8 Tribred w/ E-kit, this problem reduced my personal runtime/range from almost an hour (using a moderate amount of throttle w/ plenty of manual power) to ten minutes.

Needless to say, this kind of ruins your ride (if not ruin your day) – especially since I use mine for exercise.
But what could I do about it? Buy a new set of batteries for $150 and hope that fixes the problem? Buy a new charger with the new set of batteries, not knowing if that would make the batteries last any longer? Neither choice was terribly attractive.

I thought, ‘This really sucks. There’s got to be a better way’. So I started looking for answers. I asked experts for options. I combed the Internet for a fix.
And after a fair amount of research and testing, lo and behold, I found a solution – not just a half-baked fix – but an elegant, 100% complete solution that is better than I could have hoped for. I found the perfect way to keep E-kit batteries running like new for many years to come.

Lead acid batteries 101: The problem with lead acid batteries is that in the normal process of charging and discharging, hard lead sulfate crystals gradually coat the batteries’ lead plates, which prevent the normal back-and-forth exchange of soft lead sulfate from the plates, into the electrolyte, and back.

This “sulfation,” as it’s called, causes the batteries to lose their capacity (ability to hold a charge). And it’s main reason batteries age … and die. But that’s not to say they can’t be brought back from the dead with the right technology. Depending on how bad/recent the damage is, it may be possible to restore them to like-new condition.

With advanced technology, you can charge, desulfate, and maintain all-in-one with no worries and no hassle. Modern units work just like the stock charging system – no modification to your Trikke needed. Just ‘Plug and Play’.

For more background information on de-sulfating lead acid batteries, or to buy a system, do a Google search for ”lead acid battery desulfation.”

Or contact Andy Pliska, South Bay Trikke (authorized Trikke dealership), www.SouthBayTrikke.com, 310-803-0445, to find out which combo charger/maintainer/de-sulfator he recommends. His de-sulfators come with pictures and instructions of the best way to set it up – specific to Trikke Tribed E-kit.

Customer Comment:

Hi Andy,
Just to let you know that the battery charger is great and the batteries seem to have more energy than they ever did. I took the adapter with the big battery clips, removed them and took the connection from the old broken charger and installed it in place of the removed clips. Now I can use the original charger connection without having excess wires running into the battery pack.  It works well. I don’t remember this Trikke ever having this much energy or going so fast.

George K.