Bar-End Locking Brake Levers


Custom Bar-end brake levers are and excellent choice for Trikke Carving vehicles with bar-end risers. Just about the best Trikke accessory you can find for your carving vehicle with bar- ends. The Extension allows full brake control while riding with bar-ends.

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Bar-End Locking Brake Levers

Locking Barend brake levers make for great accessory to your brake system. These brake levers are simply one of the most insane upgrades you can put on any Trikke carving vehicle. Not only do you have the amazing locking feature, which Andy Pliska makes custom here at the shop, but you get the ease of brake control from the prone bar end position. You won’t fuss around looking to grab some brake when you need it quickly.

Secure your Trikke. Locking levers ensure your ride will not roll away.

  • Locking feature
  • Easy install
  • Sold in pairs
  • Custom made