8″ Trikke Slick Tire


Our Slick Tire for the T8, T78 Deluxe, and T78 adds amazing traction to your carving. The Trikke Slick Tire has a smooth profile. Improve your ride and carve up hills all day long.

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Trikke Slick Tire 8″

slickTrikke Slick Tire 8″ inch  is sold individually. These tires provide incredibe traction for the Trikke T8, T78 Deluxe, and T78. The tire pressure is recommended 75-80psi. Going lower will give you more of a contact patch on the terrain but this will also increase drag. Riders do on occasion pump up to 90 or 100psi for easier rolling resistance.

If you want a good tire for Hill-Climbing, this is your tire. Many of our riders add the Trikke Slick Tire to all three wheels. The ride is incredible and will give you traction that can not be beat out on the trail. Faster, smoother and increased performance, What else could you want from your Trikke Carving Vehicle.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 2 in

Trikke T12 Roadster Stock Tire vs Slick Tire

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