LSM Fundraiser

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I first met Wilson on June 24 2009. We started South Bay Trikke from our garage as many of you may know at the beginning of 2008. He bought his first black Trikke T8 Air at Sports Chalet. He barley knew how to ride and it was no wonder since his vehicle needed some serious attention. Those teenagers at Sports Chalet did not do a grand job of putting his vehicle together. I setup his ride and told him more about some of our rides. He has been our number one supporter since the first day I met him.

We spent a lot of time chatting and he told me that he was riding practically every day by himself and would really like to join a ride with others. Can we all see where this is going. From the very first meeting, he had it in his mind to share the experience with others. We planned a few rides and began carving in the South Bay.

One of my favorite early rides was with WW, Mike Counts, his wife and daughter, who rode their bikes, and myself. You can see a photo of the younger WW and us at Manhattan beach pier on Facebook.

I would venture to say that WW is probably the most photographed individual with a Trikke besides myself, haha. As our friendship grew and more riders came into the fold, we started putting on more rides. The Trikke and Treat, Labor day ride, Carve the turkey off your ass ride  to name a few and many more.

A plan was put together with Randy Boyd, Sean & Irene Tice, myself (Andy Pliska) and WW to create a monthly ride that would hook up all of our friends for a day of carving once a month. Back then it was just the last Saturday Ride. I remember first seeing WW post on facebook “see you at the LSM” and it was weird but it stuck, and in a big way. The LSM was born.

Over the years WW has been a staple in the Trikke community, a rock if you will. He has reached out far beyond our shores and many others. He has become an ambassador for Trikke and has connected more people to the crazy three wheeled mystery mobile than anyone I know.

He has become one of my closest friends and I cherish his friendship dearly. This man has not only given of his time, but has made rabbit ears of his pockets to give to the community. He has sponsored contests and created great T-Shirts for which he gave freely to those who helped the mission. You have no idea how much time and money he has contributed without asking for anything. I can’t tell you how proud we are of his generosity. He has taught me a life lesson of giving from the heart.

I know that he shares a special relationship with everyone here and many around the world. He is responsible for the LSM’s growth, single handily connecting folks the globe over.

So what’s this all about and what’s next.

Today across the globe we are launching the WW Appreciation Event from July 28, 2014 to August 30, 2014.

This is a fundraiser to provide Trikkes to our first group of needed kids. We will collect funds to buy up to 20 Trikkes and accessories for Vegas Valley Trikke who is run by PE teachers Kenny and Shannon Houston. They are doing some amazing work with disadvantaged kids from autistic, handicapped and the blind. The things they are doing and techniques they use to help these kids would blow your mind and the results have been staggering. I would ask you to see for yourself on facebook/vegasvalleytrikke.