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What is the Trikke Academy?

(Space is limited)

Last time, our San Francisco Academy was at capacity with Trainer applicants from Texas to New York.  (See below for information on class size, our guest program, and a sample of the Full 3 Day Academy Schedule.)
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A Note From the Trikke Academy Director: Dear Trikke Enthusiast, Trikke Trainer consultants come from all walks of life...  from the massage therapist, and P.E. instructor,  to the bus driver, and retired police detective, restaurant manager, lawyer, educator, retiree,... the list goes on.   But now, they are also call themselves Trikke Trainers.   - See
testimonials So, whether you are a beginner, or have been riding for years, we want to hear from you.  More & more people are becoming a part of a growing Trikke movement across the country, and now, across the world. In 2010 Trikke Academy will go international, joining forces with our international distributors.   Trikke lovers across the planet are helping spread the word about Trikke, the world leader in eco-friendly, 3 Point Carving Vehicles.  (human powered, elekktric, and skki) If you are interested in becoming a Trikke Trainer, just send us an email or give us a call, and we'll be happy to answer any questions about our Trainer Program, and the Trikke Trainer Academy. Hope to see you join the team in New Orleans! Carve' Diem, Fred Welch Dir. Trikke Trainer Academy TRIKKE TECH, INC. 310-540-4403

More Stuff To Know:
• Trikke Trainers receive starting commission of 20% for all sales.  All orders are drop-shipped directly to customers.  No inventory is required.
• Academy classes are limited to 25 people total, including guests.  (A total of 5 people per Academy group may participate as guests.)    
(For more info, visit: )
 Academy fees are as follows:     $700 for 3-Day Academy.     $150 Guest Fee   (Academy guests may participate in all Academy classes with you) 

 Why become a Trikke Trainer?
It's a great opportunity to have a side business all your own, and earn money while doing something you love.  Whether you are a beginniner, or have been riding for years, if you are interested in becoming a Trikke Trainer/Sales Rep in your area, we want to hear from you.  Our Trainers go through a specially designed 3-Day Academy course, where they learn directly from us how to introduce people to Trikke, and take them to the next level of riding.

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 What you can expect at Trikke Academy:
• Learn to become a more accomplished rider, introducing you to advanced riding techniques, which you can pass on to your clients, (including our Advanced Hill Climbing Workshop). 
• Learn about Trikke branding & marketing for use in your own Trikke business.
• Learn proven, effective methods to introduce Trikke carving vehicles in your community...while also earning commission based income.
We want you on the Trikke Team!

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For more information e-mail or call! - 877-4-TRIKKE x304
Currently accepting applications!  Please reserve your spot ASAP.  (Enrollment is limited.)       
   Click here for an application and more information.

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