Know Your Terrain

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Know your Terrain

Know Your Terrain

Paying attention to the approaching incline or curve in the road is exciting once you have your asanas in your "tool kit." Always keep your eyes ahead of you and anticipate the next action. the better you become at noticing the changes in the terrain, the better and faster you will progress.

Asanas are Trikke techniques, which we teach during level 2 and 3 lessons. Once you get them down you'll then be able to choose which asana technique will be the best choice for what's coming up in your ride. Learning to float the front end, as an example, is a great way to keep your speed up. When approaching a level change, learn to follow through with the rear lift can make the transition much smoother. The more you get to know your Trikke and the surfaces that you ride can make for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

We always emphasize to practice good Trikke etiquette while riding. Remember people tend to get confused when you are approaching them from the back and forth motion. Focus on your path and convey this to the pedestrians you encounter. This will make life better for all of us.

So practice your carving on different surfaces, preparing for the worst. Pay attention to sandy or wet areas, as these are places where you do not want to pump a carve because you won't have any traction, especially if you are on poly wheels.

For more information on Trikke training or safety courses, call on our staff or look to the Trikke Academy for specialized riding and income opportunities.

Be safe and we will see you around the next turn.
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