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Why purchase for us?

We really care, that is no lie. Look around and see for yourself. We know this product. A lot of folks wont give you the time of day unless you buy. We don't sell metal, we nurture relationships.
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Sharing the Trikke experience

We offer an experience like no other. If you’re ready to ride a Trikke and surf your neighborhood streets, let us show you how to master it. We are trained instructors that will clearly and earnestly explain the dynamics that will get you trikking in no time.

We really enjoy teaching you how to ride, Those first few moments make a difference when you have a trained specialist on your side guiding you through each turn. Remember demo's are free all year long.

Trikke benefits are incredible. It’s a low impact, full body aerobic workout, beginning at your core. Have fun while working your abs, your legs and arms while shedding extra pounds. You will be addicted in no time – we speak from experience!

Checkout new line of green Tribred Electric Trikkes. It’s human transportation like no other. Do errands, go to appointments or tour the town with ease and adventure.

Try out our rental program of Trikkes and Tribreds! Call us today for a custom package. Feel the freedom of momentum propulsion.

Thinking of going to Sports Chalet, Big box stores, or Craig’s list? Don’t! We insure proper riding form, trikke set up, and max benefits that only personal instruction allows. Don’t forget the introduction lesson is always FREE. Come by or call us today.

South Bay Trikke
1972 Del Amo Blvd STE C
Torrance, CA. 90501
(310) 320-4553
(855) 4TRIKKE - (855) 487-4553

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