Southbay Trikke is entering a new era in the Trikke world

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Southbay Trikke is entering a new era in the Trikke world. S.B.T. has long been a “go-to” for trikke related support, and a beacon, both locally & nationally; an example of excellence in Trikke sales, training, service and other support. After 8 years, its President /Owner /Operator, my friend, Andy Pliska (who also served as my Tech Director for Trikke …

LSM Fundraiser

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I first met Wilson on June 24 2009. We started South Bay Trikke from our garage as many of you may know at the beginning of 2008. He bought his first black Trikke T8 Air at Sports Chalet. He barley knew how to ride and it was no wonder since his vehicle needed some serious attention. Those teenagers at Sports …

Team Trikke

The Trikke Team

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Hi, We’d like to introduce ourselves. This is a little background about ourselves so that you’ll know who you are dealing with. You may email us with questions or comments. We are all family here, we each bring some flavor to trikking that you just won’t get elsewhere. Thank you for visiting.  

Largest Trikke Ride Ever

LSM Record Ride

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A total of 45 So Cal carvers rock and rolled their way along the Pacific Coast during today’s Last Saturday of the Month Ride in Long Beach, setting a new attendance record for a group Trikke ride in Southern California. The May edition of the LSM Ride, sponsored by SouthBay Trikke, Long Beach Trikkers and TrikkeWorld Magazine, signaled the unofficial …