Trikke Body Power Carving Vehicles

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Trikke Body Power Carving Vehicles

You are the engine. You will integrate your entire body into the forward propulsion created by the Trikke's cambering mechanism. We have a complete line of Trikke carving vehicles in many different sizes and price points. Whether it's human body power, electric hybrid or downhill snow skkis, you will find fitness, transportation and fun in every model.
Trikke T12 Roadster
T12 Roadster
The Trikke T12 Roadster is great for the long ride. Light strong aircraft aluminum frame. Equipped with 12in wheels and disc brakes.
Trikke T78 Deluxe
T78 Air Deluxe
The Trikke T78Air Deluxe merges the T8air with the T78CS to give a fun and sporty ride. Foldable with 8.5 inch air tires.
Trikke T8 Sport
T8 Sport
The Trikke T8 Sport is the sports car of all our carving vehicles. Aircraft aluminum, portable and equipped with disc brakes.
Trikke T78CS Convertible
T78CS Convertible
The T78CS is great as an entry level foldable carving machine. Air tire in front with poly whels in the rear. Upgrades to all air tires.
Trikke T7K Kids
T7 Kids
The T7K Kids is fully upgradable to air tires. Equipped with a strong steel frame and 7 inch poly wheels. "W" fold system
Trikke T7F Fitness
T7 Fitness
The T7F fitness is a great entry level vehicle. 7in poly wheels. Fully upgradable to air tires. Easy to ride. "W" fold system
Trikke T67CS Convertible
The T67cs is fun to ride and upgradable to air tires. Buck-knife folding system with steel frame. Good for riders age 7 and up.
Trikke Balance Bikee
Balance Bikee
The Balance Bikee has no pedals. Bikee makes learning to ride a bicycle fun and easy. Easy transition you and your child.
Trikke T5WS
Great for kids up to 7yrs. The T5WS is easy to ride and a great way to keep your kids happy and fit. "W" type folding design.
We are a full service dealership. We handle all Trikke 3CV vehicles, whether it's training, service, sales, repair, or warranty work. We only do Trikke and we strive to do it well. This is a great product and we back it 100%.
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