Southbay Trikke is entering a new era in the Trikke world

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Southbay Trikke is entering a new era in the Trikke world. S.B.T. has long been a “go-to” for trikke related support, and a beacon, both locally & nationally; an example of excellence in Trikke sales, training, service and other support. After 8 years, its President /Owner /Operator, my friend, Andy Pliska (who also served as my Tech Director for Trikke …

Wilson Trikke Hill Climb

The Passion of Trikke

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by Wilson Wong What is the passion all about when it comes to your Trikke? My friends and I have been, unknowingly, discussing our passions when it comes to Trikking. And I have come to my conclusion. I have a passion for trikking because it is me! Fun, Unique, Happy, Adventurous, inquisitive, helpful, outside of the box, on the edge. . . The …

Trikke T7 Rider

Trikke T7 Review

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Trikke T7 In the beginning when Trikke started out, There were four main versions of the carving vehicle. We had the T5, T6, T7 and the timeless T8. The numbers represent the wheel size with a frame to match. A Trikke sized for everyone in the family. They were all polished aluminum beauties. There weren’t any color choices, except for …

LSM Fundraiser

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I first met Wilson on June 24 2009. We started South Bay Trikke from our garage as many of you may know at the beginning of 2008. He bought his first black Trikke T8 Air at Sports Chalet. He barley knew how to ride and it was no wonder since his vehicle needed some serious attention. Those teenagers at Sports …

Team Trikke

The Trikke Team

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Hi, We’d like to introduce ourselves. This is a little background about ourselves so that you’ll know who you are dealing with. You may email us with questions or comments. We are all family here, we each bring some flavor to trikking that you just won’t get elsewhere. Thank you for visiting.  

LSM logo

What is the LSM?

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The “Last Saturday of the Month” aka “LSM” is well known in the Trikke community. It is that one day a month when all Trikke riders wherever they are, get together and ride their Trikke. They encourage friends and family to join. They take off into their communities and explore, meeting new people on the way and sharing the unique …

What are the Health Benefits?

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No Impact – Just Muscle Exercise! Most Trikke owners are in their 40s, 50’s, 60’s and some youngsters in their 70’s. The Trikke is also extremely popular with the younger generation. The fun, comfort and security of the Trikke has people of all ages enjoying the outdoors. Running is high impact on your joints, walking is just too slow, inline …

Portable Trikke Transportatin

Personal Electric Transportation

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With the need for more efficient and affordable personal transportation quickly becoming a way of life, Trikke EV helps fill the gap with the best of both worlds. Clean, portable and just plain fun to ride. You won’t know how you got along with out it. Remember that first mile last mile concept can make your life much easier to …

Trikke - What isit?

What is a Trikke?

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The Trikke is an innovative three-wheeled vehicle that takes the best of the popular vehicles of today and combines them into a completely new machine in form, function, and riding experience. The patented technology makes it possible for a rider to propel the Trikke forward without pushing or pedaling… just rock and roll! How is it different? Often mistaken as …

Trikke Training Session

Get Healthy

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Do you want to get Healthy? Do you avoid going to the gym? Do you want an exercise that is fun? The Trikke is the amazing three wheeled carving vehicle that provides a low impact option that is fun and engages the entire body. No pounding on the joints