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Do you want to get Healthy?

After a long day at work, The Trikke is here to give you a great recharge. Want a low impact activity that will keep you in shape and is actually fun to do? Trikke will change your life in a positive way. Find out how we can help you build a better body with our Trikke Carving Vehicles. GoTrikke!!!

Want an activity for the Entire Family?

Having fun is the key to staying fit. The whole family will enjoy the surfing and ski type feeling that you get while riding a Trikke. Stay fit, have fun and be healthy. GoTrikke!!!

Do You Want Portable Electric Transportation?

The absolute perfect combination of transportation and portability in one cool carving vehicle. Easy to learn, fun, quick and a great green alternative to that first mile last mile option. See for yourself what an Electric Trikke Tribred can do for you! Carve to the grocery store or your next appointment. Get out and Go Trikke!!!

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